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“Signing up with you was the best thing I ever did. OMG, the daily pain and anxiety I would be in had I not found your coaching! My social panic is overcome. My digestive tract is healed. I am muscular and strong. I know what I want to do with my life. The enormous personal development I have experienced is invaluable! I am the happiest I have ever been!"


-Overcome patterns, Turn your trauma into tools 

Rawlicious Dishes

"Hi Johanna  Thank you for sharing the Happy Body Happy Planet Summit I learned soo much  You Are amazing ! I have enjoyed all of the speakers . I never missed one of them . I was thrilled and couldn’t wait  to hear what the next speaker had to say You made me so happy I looked forward to meeting someday I just love you to pieces Your energy your laughter your knowledge and your loving generosity of sharing all those speakers with the whole world you are an Angel."

"It's astonishing to me! because for two decades I was always eating and always hungry. From the first meal in Johanna's program, I was SATISFIED. She explained that I had been malnourished all the time."


- Establish the new lifestyle and business and circles of friends



-Love your body as it is and shape it for the future 

-Vitality achieved! Find new friends. Visualize 10 years 

Learn to make dozens of delicious guilt-free desserts with Johanna's original raw vegan cookbook.Turn every season into a Holiday Season and be the heart of the party!


​​See exactly how the dishes are made for only


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