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...as the name suggests, dream away the heavy butter or mayo and spread Dream Cheeze instead on your sandwiches and wraps. Stretch me with virgin flax oil and chopped up cilantro into a salad dressing or add black pepper and let me be your Fettucine Alfredo sauce. Use me as your veggie dip at parties or on the road or simply enjoy me by the spoonful...

Non-dairy cheese, butter or mayo replacement

Protein power pack 

High vitamin C content

Use instead of cream cheese in all savory dishes

Makes a healthy dip for all occasions

Stretch with lemon or orange juice to make salad dressing

A Fun, DeliciousFamily Company


I’m your snack-time IMMUNE BOOSTER. A basket full of vegetables and nuts condensed into spicy, crunchy, pop-in-your-mouth chunks of sunshine energy. Toss me on your salad, dip me into Dream Cheeze, throw me into your cup ‘a soup, or use me as ‘veggie nuggets’ instead of chicken... So so satisfying, so fun! 

Super dense vitamin and mineral snack

High in protein

Rich in Vitamin A, E and C 

Organic spices encourage nutrient absorption and


Use as croutons on your salad

Snack any time like potato chips

Cashew Dream Cheeze

         6 for $30

Kale and Parsley Pesto

          6 for $30


Open the box and smell sweet onion rings and candied carrots with a whiff of Orange and a scent of Asia... but it's all done without any frying, baking or sugar! Crunch me by myself or dip me into Cashew Dream Cheeze or Kale & Parsley Pesto. Spread both on me, add a slice of tomato or cucumber and a leaf of lettuce and turn me into an open sandwich. Serve me at your party or lunch me at your office... However you enjoy me, I’m the cracker with the richest flavors and lots of fresh, raw Vitamin C and Omega 3s.

Live flax seeds aid digestion

Dense in vitamins A and E

High in omega 3s

Rich in iron and minerals

Use as gluten free bread replacement

Use as snack by itself

Johanna's Raw Foods attributes/benefits: First 'raw fast food' ready­-to-­eat mix­-and-­match 'snackables', combinables, from Veggie Burger Bites to Blueberry Chocolate Mousse.
Johanna's Raw Foods products are based on American favorite flavors and therefore appeal to a broad population also as 'delicious raw additions to any diet'

All our products meet the growing need for Gluten Free, Vegan, non-­GMO, Organic, Raw products in which enzymes, vitamins and phytonutrients are preserved and essential fatty acids (Omega 3's, etc) are not contaminated by heat or preservation processes


Kale is a SUPERFOOD and so is parsley. Combine these greens with the best kidney and liver cleanse ever: garlic, fresh lemons and virgin olive oil and you have the yummiest medicine! Mix me into any pasta, stretch me with fresh orange juice to make a dressing, put me on your pizza or roll me into your wrap... 

High in vitamins A and C

1 tablespoon provides your greens for the day

Use wherever pesto is indicated

High amounts of chlorophyll 

Provides a cleansing effect

It’s a flavor appreciated by most cultures globally

       Soraya Sophia-Blaise              Partner, Head Chef,Daughter

       Takura Sophia-Blaise

    Partner, Assistant Manager, Son

          Johanna Sophia

      CEO, Founder, Mother

About Us

Veggie Burger Bites

        6 for $30

Carrot Crackers 

     6 for $30

Our single-mom family was forever creating organic, vegan and raw-vegan inventions in our home kitchen. 

Often, dinner guests and friends suggested that some of these delicacies deserve to be shared with a wider audience. Sounded great! Little did we know that it meant, mistakes, laughs, sweat and tears for a couple of years, LOL! 
So we, mom Johanna, daughter Soraya, and son Takura, started selling at events and fairs always getting these great responses like: Oh, WOW the flavors explode in your mouth! or I'm a meat 'n potato guy but I could totally do this! or Can you teach me how to make something like this??
Now we felt confident enough to sell to health food stores. Of course we had no idea how extensive the paperwork, lab work, labeling, bar codes, and marketing would be! But along came wonderful friends who turned into small-scale investors, and it got done! 
Next step: distributors, presently we have 2 and are working on 2-3 more. Our wonderful distributors spread our products across greater and greater regions. But growth costs money - in business just as in child rearing, lol! 
Thus we will need more small-scale investors to come through for us to stock the next distributors.
Now we're moving into our own space, able to produce and sell much more on a more regular schedule - no more overnight shifts (or only when in a crunch)! 
We're able to have workshops and teach interns as well.   
If you have a desire to participate in our passion for spreading 'the healthiest foods on Earth,' please connect with us via the CONTACT button. 
We look forward to continued growth and continued stories of awesomeness!