Ginger Brownies 

I’m your pick-me-up and keep me going high energy chewy chomp! I’m the brownie with the ginger twist like ginger bread.  Take me biking, hiking, or for staying awake while you drive. I’ll tickle your pallet with apples and pears, cinnamon and spice and I’ll always give you that extra energy!
+ Use as an any energy bar without the fillers + Provides lots of natural sugars and healthy fats
+ Rich in vitamins and minerals + Ginger and cinnamon have antibacterial qualities
+ Helps get over your cold or stomach flu faster

Kale and Parsley Pesto 

Kale is a SUPERFOOD and so is parsley. Combine these greens with the best kidney and liver cleanse ever: garlic, fresh lemons and virgin olive oil and you have the yummiest medicine! Mix me into any pasta, stretch me with fresh orange juice to make a dressing, put me on your pizza or roll me into your wrap... 
+ High in vitamins A and C + 1 tablespoon provides your greens for the day
+ Use wherever pesto is indicated + High amounts of chlorophyll 
+ Provides a cleansing effect + It’s a flavor appreciated by most cultures globally

Our Delicious Raw Foods

Cashew Dream Cheeze the name suggests, dream away the heavy butter or mayo and spread Dream Cheeze instead on your sandwiches and wraps. Stretch me with virgin flax oil and chopped up cilantro into a salad dressing or add black pepper and let me be your Fettucine Alfredo sauce. Use me as your veggie dip at parties or on the road or simply enjoy me by the spoonful...
+ Non-dairy cheese, butter or mayo replacement + Protein power pack 
+ High vitamin C content + Use instead of cream cheese in all savory dishes
+ Makes a healthy dip for all occasions + Stretch with lemon or orange juice to make salad dressing

Carrot Crackers 

Open the box and smell sweet onion rings and candied carrots with a whiff of Orange and a scent of Asia... but it's all done without any frying, baking or sugar! Crunch me by myself or dip me into Cashew Dream Cheeze or Kale & Parsley Pesto. Spread both on me, add a slice of tomato or cucumber and a leaf of lettuce and turn me into an open sandwich. Serve me at your party or lunch me at your office... However you enjoy me, I’m the cracker with the richest flavors and lots of fresh, raw Vitamin C and Omega 3s.
+ Live flax seeds aid digestion + Dense in vitamins A and E
+ High in omega 3s + Rich in iron and minerals
+ Use as gluten free bread replacement + Use as snack by itself​

All our products meet the growing need for Gluten Free, Vegan, non-­GMO, Organic, Raw products in which enzymes, vitamins and phytonutrients are preserved and essential fatty acids (Omega 3's, etc) are not contaminated by heat or preservation processes.

A Fun, Delicious, Family Company :

Coconut Truffles 

What? Regular chocolate? It just can’t match this! This coconut cacao vanilla richness may be the ultimate treat for your pallet and for your brain: is this causing endorphin jumping-joy happiness just from a little bite?? I smell so vibrant and delicious you may want to spread me on your skin... well, just eat me and shine from the inside out ;-)
+ High in magnesium and iron + Walnut and coconut oils help cleanse your skin from within
+ Raw cacao is one of the highest antioxidant foods + Use as treat or energizer any time
+ Use to top off your ice cream dish

Veggie Burger Bites 

I’m your snack-time IMMUNE BOOSTER. A basket full of vegetables and nuts condensed into spicy, crunchy, pop-in-your-mouth chunks of sunshine energy. Toss me on your salad, dip me into Dream Cheeze, throw me into your cup ‘a soup, or use me as ‘veggie nuggets’ instead of chicken... So so satisfying, so fun! 
+ Super dense vitamin and mineral snack + High in protein
+ Rich in Vitamin A, E and C + Organic spices encourage nutrient absorption and digestion
+ Use as croutons on your salad + Snack any time like potato chips