In-home workshop -- bring Prof Johanna Sophia​ to your home!

What you get:
* 3 dishes made fresh in your own kitchen
* list of ingredients ahead of time

* hands-on participation of all people present - you can

* invite up to 100 friends to share in the experience!


FITNESS over FIFTY -- daily fitness program live in our closed Facebook group

What you get: 

* simple but full body workout

* easy version and harder version 

* no machinery needed (other than weights or water bottles)

* all you need is a little space and a chair!

* $17 a month "gym" subscription

Lecture with Tasting: EASY*FUN*RAW - 6 Steps to Less Sick Days 

Book Prof Johanna Sophia's signature talk for your Staff Development Day or your Wellness program

What you get:

* latest self-care and health science

* fun and entertaining presentation packed with useful information

* practical steps everyone can take immediately

* improvement of productivity, health, and happiness 

​* better company culture