Prof Johanna Sophia, international Speaker, Coach and Author, has taught at Yale and Columbia Universities among others, has authored of books and articles, built schools and businesses, a food manufacturing company (Johanna's Raw Foods PBC), and consults with organizations and governments in matters of Self-Healing with food, new forms of education, sustainability, raising confident kids, and Empowering Women over Fifty. She has appeared in health documentaries such as "The Search for Sustainability."She most loves her career as successful mother of confident, healthy children. She founded Johanna’s Raw Foods PBC together with her then teenage kids. JRF Coaching includes the Super Happy Body course, Fitness over Fifty, and other certificate programs. She currently lives in upstate New York.



 Joan K. - 
After working with Johanna Sophia as my life and nutritional coach for 4 years, I’ve let go of all my other advisors. That’s because Johanna is my jail-breaker, regularly freeing from a myriad of self or other imposed prisons. She’s helped free me of horrendous, debilitating migraines by giving me the tools to understand the power of my brain and how to use it to cure my emotional pain which can manifest in physical pain. She’s helped free me from overly analytical and judgmental attitudes always guiding me back to the light. She gets to the core of the issue and focuses until we resolve it and I am free of it. She has given me endless highly valuable advice, strategies, tips, connections, resources, insight and joviality. When I think of Johanna, I think brilliant, fiercely committed, caring, boundlessly lighthearted, and my personal Freedom Fighter.  Thank you Johanna

Mich W.  -
 Signing up with you was the best thing I ever did. OMG, the daily pain and anxiety I would be in had I not found your coaching! My social panic is overcome. My digestive tract is healed. I am muscular and strong. I know what I want to do with my life. The enormous personal development I have experienced is invaluable!

Donna R. -

Where do i begin?... Well i am a 66 year old woman who was really sick. I did not find the diet difficult but boy did i miss a dessert that tasted like a real dessert- no matter where i went everything tasted dry/flavorless and boring UNTIL i learned your desserts, OMG they are so good, you are like an angel to me!

Leslie M. -

Working with Johanna has helped me be a better parent and a healthier, happier person. I have increased the amount of raw, living food in my family’s diet, with very positive results in my overall health and the way I feel. Johanna has helped me communicate better with my children, I’ve learned how to say “yes” more, and I feel a stronger sense of connection and understanding with my kids. I am so glad to have Johanna’s coaching and positive presence in our life. She is a true gem!

Michael W. -

I have never been so happy in my entire life! - and it’s thanks to you. In fact you taught me how to feel, laugh and cry; how to get healthy, pursue my dreams and achieve them, and how to enjoy the achievements too!