1 private, individually scheduled session with Prof. Johanna Sophia

​I wanted to give more people an opportunity to get something new started. To get that kick-off into the happiness that comes with actually starting that dream project you've dreamed about for so long... 

So I made this event a SUPER-CHEAP Weekend Course.

What you get :





In this HAPPY BODY HAPPY PLANET summit, I spoke with 21 incredible experts from around the globe about how we can heal ourselves while helping the planet, too.

In our conversations, we covered topics such as:

● The real impact of human (food) choices 
● What really makes you ill? - a totally new scientific view
● How to heal diabetes, allergies, and even autism fast and naturally.

● How to get fit in your fifties or more muscular at any age, even at 70 (!)

● How to find your authentic self and change the world

Feasting on Fabulous Foods

In the Feasting on Fabulous Foods summit, I spoke with 10 experts

from around the globe about creating healthy, harmonious family

gatherings. This summit was perfect for the coming holidays,

and can add an element of joy to your get-togethers year-round.

Jul 22 and 23, 2023 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) 

1 group session Sunday 2 pm


Do it for your happiness!

Do it for everyone around you!

What's YOUR dream project?

Learn to Be Self Sustaining - 2-Month Course

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​​​And there will be bonuses too!

1 group session Satuday 2 pm

All for only $97.00

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Purchase the entire summit package here!

That price is unheard of!


But I want to let as many people as possible realize that they can get started and how they can get started RIGHT NOW with their dream project - big or small.