Start here with a low-cost one-on-one session that recreates one of your favorite dishes in a super-healthy version just for you. You’ll come away with the recipe. This is your fun start into a new chapter of your life. This class is offered 1 time per person only.

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Indulge in this interactive video class to learn and create gourmet raw vegan dishes and remedies you will crave and love to share with friends and clients. You’ll receive ingredient lists ahead of the class, have access to JRF staff for email and FaceBook communication after each class and will make friends with others in the group as well as pose questions or post success stories.

JRF Coaching is an online company designed to give professionals a proven, step-by-step system for building a disease-free body and long productive life.

With programs that include self-study courses, live mentoring, and live events, JRF Coaching has something for individuals at every stage of the journey, whether they’re looking for delicious healthy dishes, are recovering from diabetes, heart disease, arthritis or other diseases, or want to use their new knowledge to build their own coaching career.

The Internet offers ongoing connection between coaches and clients and helps students reach global communities of health seekers and professionals. JRF Coaching programs can be used to create or join local and international communities for self-healing and for healing the planet. In addition, financial freedom and global lifestyles can be created around each person’s gifts.

Prof. Johanna Sophia, Visionary of Johanna’s Raw Foods and JRF Coaching, has built several successful and impactful businesses, and she has guided hundreds of clients to break through health issues to create their dream life.


Using Johanna’s E.V.O.L.V.E System, the Super Happy Body program is the get-it done course for self-healing from diseases like allergies, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, MS, digestive issues, overweight, etc. with food and lifestyle. This intensive group program has all the components clients need to truly create a healthy body, build fitness and endurance, and live a purposeful life. At the same time, this 12-month program can be used to establish the beginnings of a new career along with the new body and mindset. Help yourself as you help the planet.

JRF Coaching TM offers three core programs each flowing into the next, designed to give health seekers the tools they need to get to the next level, self-heal from dis-ease, and get to enjoy great health and fitness at any age. Start with Delicious Dishes, move up to Your Super Happy Body, and finally, enroll in the JRF Coaching Academy