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"Thank you for all your hard work. I am a very fit 74yr. old and want to stay that way, I don’t feel any older than when I was 20 or 30.  Thank you again."

Johanna's Oreo Mousse

"It's astonishing to me! because for two decades I was always eating and always hungry. From the first meal in Johanna's program, I was SATISFIED. She explained that I had been malnourished all the time." 

"Johanna, you are such an inspiring and supportive coach! I am so grateful that you created such a wonderful program. Your knowledge and enthusiasm are at the heart of this process and nicely permeate throughout."


Orange Chocolate Mousse with Purple Cranberry Sauce


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I'm an international Speaker, Coach, and Author, have taught at Yale and Columbia Universities among others, have authored books and articles, built schools and businesses, a food manufacturing company (Johanna's Raw Foods PBC), and I consult with organizations and governments in matters of Self-Healing with food, new forms of education, sustainability, raising confident kids, and Empowering Women over Fifty.

I've appeared on many radio and TV shows as well as in health documentaries such as "The Search for Sustainability".

I most love my career as successful mother of confident, healthy children. I founded Johanna’s Raw Foods PBC together with my then teenage kids. JRF Coaching includes the Super Happy Body course, Fitness over Fifty, and other certificate programs. I currently live in upstate New York. 

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"Johanna Sophia has a deep understanding of human nature. Her compassionate sage advice to my insecurities and personal setbacks resonates within me.  Johanna has helped me to release my old patterns and set me onto a path of greater personal achievement - with a deeper understanding and acceptance of my life. She is a true sparkling gem."

 Jodie Fleming,

 Screenwriting Career Coach

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Ginger Brownies

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Dak K.

Johanna’s Chocolate Ganache Cake

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