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Turning Learning into Adventure’ tells the intimate story of a vegan family travelling on a shoestring budget around the USA. 1 car, 5 people, 21 states, 33 days, 7,244 miles. A true bonding experience!

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Johanna is the founder and chief visionary of JRF PBC and JRF Coaching. She is a passionate innovator and has designed a series of online and hands-on programs specifically for her clients. Johanna is a dynamic teacher who has turned the physical and mental state of thousands from suffering toward health, happiness, and purpose in life.

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"It's astonishing to me! because for two decades I was always eating and always hungry. From the first meal in Johanna's program, I was SATISFIED. She explained that I had been malnourished all the time."


​​​​​​"I want to eat your food every day , Johanna!"

Jodie Fleming

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"Johanna Sophia has a deep understanding of human nature. Her compassionate sage advice to my insecurities and personal setbacks resonates within me. Johanna has helped me to release my old patterns and set me onto a path of greater personal achievement - with a deeper understanding and acceptance of my life. She is a true sparkling gem."